Friday, 16 May 2008


By Martin Asser, BBC News, Beirut

Marwan, Muhammad and Ahmed in Shatila (Photo by Phil Coomes)
Marwan, 35, Muhammad, 77, and Ahmed, 12, share their experiences

Sixty years ago, the Diab family swapped the simple life of Palestinian peasants in western Galilee for an existence of displacement, dispossession and exile.

During the Nakba, as Palestinians call their 1948 "catastrophe" when Israel was created, the Diab's hometown was depopulated by Israeli forces and its buildings were later bulldozed.

Village name: Birwah, Acre district
Pre-1948 population: 1,500
Famous resident: Mahmoud Darwish (poet, born 1941)
Captured by Israel: 11 June 1948

Family members were scattered either as displaced people inside the newly created Israeli state or, in the case of Muhammad Diab, 17, as refugees in Lebanon. Muhammad, now a sprightly septuagenarian, has spent most of his life in Shatila refugee camp in the southern suburbs of Lebanon's capital, Beirut. He never went to school or learned to read, but he has a sharp mind that served him well during a long, if trouble-strewn, business career.

His family's greatest challenges have been the wars and bloodshed that passed over Shatila camp during in the 1970s and 1980s. But there are economic troubles too. Dozens of the most lucrative trades and professions in Lebanon are only open to Lebanese citizens, and therefore barred to Palestinian refugees. Muhammad has never accepted his fate. To this day, he, his children and grandchildren demand and expect their return to the home of his ancestors...

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